Official BTC Booster

Boost Your Wallet in
24 hours.

The algorithms uses the full potential of AI. The AI system processes gigabytes of data daily to build effective work patterns for any market situation. Our algorithm works efficiently in any market, no matter bearish, bullish, or sideways trend.

Instruction for participation 🤑

To participate, you must have a working wallet with the desired amount.

Send the allowed number of coins to the special address below.

After receiving your funds, we will immediately put the amount into our algorithm and we will send back (24 hours) according to the rules.

You can only take part in our BTC-plus once.

Rules & Information 👑


We believe that BTC & ETH will make the world more fair. To speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption, we decided to run and based on patterns, historical data and news feeds like Twitter, the algorithm just does the job great and makes it 1.000 times more effective than a human. This is the tremendous BTC Plus Booster! For all crypto holders! We use this algorithm called ALGO V4 since few months.

How to participate ? 🤔

To participate you just need to send from (0.01 BTC to 30 BTC) or (0.01 ETH to 30 ETH) to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back (0.02 BTC to 60 BTC) or (0.02 ETH to 60 ETH) (x2) to the address you sent it from.

Count your prize 🚀

In order to calculate your prize, you can use the built-in calc on our website

You will send BTC


Your profit



You receive


Participate in

Send your BTC to the address for X2 back


Send your ETH to the address for X2 back



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